The work of Mariano Zukerfeld

The work of Mariano Zukerfeld

The work of Mariano Zukerfeld, a great “recommendation” for those students who are working on: digital technology, capitalism and new conditions of production.

For those who are doing their thesis on topics that are related to: digital technology, capitalism and new conditions of production, “the recommended” of this post is the work of Dr. Mariano Zukerfeld.

In addition to how interesting your research work can be , there is something much better, everything is online and we can even contact you to ask questions about your theoretical proposal. Do not believe me?, look at the comment on his blog:

Mariano Zukerfeld holds a Doctorate in Social Sciences (FLACSO Argentina), a Master’s Degree in Political Science and Sociology (FLACSO Argentina) and a BA in Sociology (UBA). He teaches regularly in the Faculty of Social Sciences of the UBA and in the Masters in Intellectual Property of FLACSO.

His work has entitled: Capitalism and Knowledge: Cognitive Materialism, Intellectual Property and Informational Capitalism.

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“This research arises from the vocation to study the productive processes characteristic of the present stage of capitalism. In a simple way, we refer to the processes in which the main means of production are digital technologies and the main outputs are digital information flows. We nominate them, occupationally, with the category of Information Work and place them, in sectoral terms, in an Information Sector.

In this sense, this research proposes, above all, to account for the heterogeneity of modalities assumed by software production. Rather than focusing on one or another type of production, we try to distinguish the variety of empirical forms it adopts. Through qualitative techniques and triangulation with some secondary data we seek to map the universe of these productive processes and try to suggest some hypotheses about them. “You can continue reading here

The truth that I learned of his proposal reading a note that was published in the magazine Ñ : The digital worker can be emancipated? Technology. The changes in informational capitalism force today to rethink the identity of the worker who transforms working times. I found it so interesting that in addition to analysing it for my own research work , I assumed it would be a “great recommendation” for other testers as well who are putting together the contextualization of their thesis related to this topic.

In the note, María Luján Picabea describes Mariano’s research work asfollows:

“Thus, through a field work, Zukerfeld examines the conditions of production, the singularities of each of these activities, the definition of intellectual property, the mechanisms of power of capitalism, the system of physical and digital control, the relationship Of informational work with formal education and the diffuse profile of this type of worker in society, which is hardly represented by trade unions.

‘And what do informational goods feed on? Do they feed, as the Nobel Prize-winning economist Herbert Simon pointed out early in human attention?

Mariano, in the note, states that: “The use of the same means of work inside and outside the working day undoubtedly contributes to increase the productivity of information workers. Leisure time becomes, at the same time, a time of acquisition of production and reproduction of knowledge. This includes both know-how regarding the use of digital technologies and the formation of intersubjective recognition networks, sometimes called ‘social capital’. The key element is who appropriates the fruits of that expanded productivity.

This leads not only to the well-known issue of delocalisation (work at home, in business, in transport), but also to a deeper question: the decomposition of the notion time as a key element in organizing and measuring Production of information workers “.

In addition, they can visit the blog of Mariano , which is presented like this:

“This blog is intended mainly for the dissemination and discussion of the three volumes of my work Capitalism and Knowledge: Cognitive Materialism, Intellectual Property and Informational Capitalism . Above, under the menu Capitalism and Knowledge , are the links to download the three books (Volume I, Volume II, Volume III). In addition, under the title Other academic works appear publications and papers that, in one way or another, relate to the central themes of the trilogy. The Related Videos menu is the only one really like a blog: it will add daily resources, divided into several categories. All comments and discussions are, of course, welcome.

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