Theoretical Framework: what it is and its wording step by step

Theoretical Framework: what it is and its wording step by step

The theoretical framework is a central point of our research (and the biggest of the panics to which the thesis submits us, after the APA rules). Finally, the question is that it has to be done, and its development is nothing more than a structure Which must be followed. For some methodologists it is almost possible to mention this section of the project, but almost all continue to differentiate it in this way. Its name, still worth to differentiate it from other requirements of the equally important thesis, such as: the development of the state of the art (state of the matter), which will be dealt with in another post.

In the construction of the theoretical framework the process goes through:

1) Review the previous bibliography (state of the art)

2) Identify theoretical elements necessary to substantiate the problem.

3) Organize logic, systematic and hierarchically selected concepts.

4) Select the main variables.

5) Formalize the relationship between variables.

What is the purpose of the theoretical framework in our thesis?

The theoretical framework has a fundamental purpose within the thesis: to place the research problem within a set of knowledge that will allow us to delimit theoretically the concepts proposed. It may be that it is also referred to as a reference frame, bibliographical revision or background (and perhaps for that reason it is confused with the section of the state of the art also called state of the matter)

What does the writing of the theoretical framework imply?


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That is to say that the writing of the theoretical framework is the theoretical argumentation, or redundancy, of the relationship that was established between the variables that put at stake in the research problem. As we saw in the post on How to write the theoretical framework ?, its development requires to integrate the set of concepts organized in a logical, systematic and hierarchical way.

Is there a unique way of developing the theoretical framework?


A good affirmation to lower anxiety is that:  there is no single formula to elaborate and present the theoretical framework of an investigation in which qualitative methodologies have been used.


The styles or formats vary, from unstructured arguments in which the general topics related to the research objectives are discussed, to the systematic theoretical discussion in which the concepts are linked to each other.


The variety of styles of theoretical frameworks is fundamentally due to the diversity in methodological strategies that are effectively used in the usual practices of various disciplinary areas of the social sciences and the style of publication (book, article or paper).

I propose to make a conceptual map to begin with the theoretical framework

Beginning with your writing of the theoretical framework, can be somewhat complex, so I propose to implement the technique of conceptual map for writing. For this you can use a free application easy to use that you can download in just a few minutes called: Cmap Tools or do it with pen and paper.


Where can I read examples of theoretical framework?


I recommend that you look at the theses that have already been delivered in your study house. You can also search for theses at Google Scholar or get dissertation help.

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