Are scholarship and graduate essays as difficult as they seem?

Are scholarship and graduate essays as difficult as they seem?

Basically what is contained in an essay is a general question that is answered through different arguments and perspectives that seek to support a point of view.


Experts recommend some strategies to get your trial to have the best results. It’s just a matter of putting them into practice:

–  Getting accustomed to reading, because it is an effective way to focus, understand the arguments presented, to accustom the mind to analyze and create criteria from them.

–  Search in Internet techniques for writing essays.


–  Investigate enough to have as many arguments.


–  Try to enrich the text with the variation of words differently explain their point of view.


–  Write the ideas and then organize them in order of importance.


–  Practice verbally exercise of argument and made aware of the order in which you want to present.


–  Answer the questions posed in the trial and be consistent with the arguments and conclusions.


–  Demonstrate why their interests and contributions are valuable to the institution.


–  Check several times improve your quality test and refine what it really means.


–  Ask other people to read your essay. This will allow you to know your ability to make yourself understood clearly.




Why make an essay?


To access scholarships and postgraduates in most universities in the world, it is crucial that those who aspire to their programs to present tests that allow them to know better in exchange for an interview.


The student must demonstrate his / her interests, cognitive, linguistic and analytical capacities in relation to the subject that interests him or that he / she is simply exposed as evidence in the selection process.


Many Colombians who have had the experience of participating in these calls have not been successful in these processes, probably because they do not know how to make a trial and make mistakes that make them lose competitiveness.


What is the reason for this?


For Yadira Linares Moreno, Ipler’s specialist speech pathologist, processes for learning to write academic texts are not taught during school. “Sometimes they ask students for jobs but they do not instruct them in how to do them and they arrive at the university with great shortcomings in writing and reading comprehension,” he says.


This is why during the race, they are difficult to respond to the obligations of the classes and in many cases, pay for another to do their jobs, even if they have clear knowledge. Those who do manage to overcome the difficulties and even get them to taste.


To apply to graduate or scholarships the question is very different, because the student must know how to justify why he deserves the quota and stand out among the other applicants.


For Jerónimo Castro, executive director of Colfuturo, “it is difficult for UK students to do so because our universities do not have this type of requirements, but to apply to most institutions in the world they must do so.”


For specialists, the main shortcomings that do not provide a good essay respond to the lack of structure, argumentation and analysis presented by most British students in these institutions.


Making an essay is easier than you think and putting into practice some techniques, it is possible to access academic programs and scholarships at the best universities in the world.

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