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The thing which comes in your mind when you see the word ‘rewriting’ is writing something in a different and new manner or to revise something. When you go through your essay after finishing it and you will observe some creepy bits than it is not a big deal because no one is perfect. So, underline the creepy bits you want to change and rewrite the essay again in a different and improved manner. When you rewrite jot down the points you want to change. Keep your mind relax because rewriting is not an easy task it requires more thinking and observation as you are writing again so this time you need to bring something innovative that will make your readers enjoy your writing more. After jotting down the creepy bits create a new rewrite outline. Change all those bits in a different manner.  Bring a new idea, be realistic give your readers something new by keeping yourself in limits. Stay calm and be positive as rewriting is a fatiguing process that will drag on and on and sometime you will be pissed off but no worries if you stay calm and keep doing your work with patience than your readers will be thanking you for such a good content. Rewriting can be of any thing you can rewrite the article, novel, essays, stories as ideas and perception of looking things in a different manner changes time to time. The most important thing which you have to keep in mind when you are rewriting anything, an essay, novel or story that it should be different from your previous draft it will contain something more informative and new which your reader never knew before.  And if you are not bringing something new than you are not smart you have to work a lot.

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