Research Paper Writing
Research Paper Writing

Don’t trouble yourself with the frustrating procedure of research paper writing Treat yourself to some peace of mind; acquire Dissertation Planet’s expert help in research paper writing today!

Writing a Research Paper? Got stuck? You need our expert Research Paper Writing Help service. We, at Regent Research Writing Private Ltd., solve the problems that students and researchers face while doing research. In our research paper writing help service, we do the full research design and statistical testing (or qualitative analysis as the case may be) and present the crisp research results in a brief document.

The range of subjects covered by Dissertation Planet is huge, and we have a dedicated team of professionals to assist our clients with the problems they face with any aspect of research. This has been our secret behind providing effective services in the last 10 years. Theoretical research paper writing from our experts for national and international journals complements the empirical research that we do for researchers.

At Dissertation Planet, Research papers are written by writers who have a minimum of PhD qualification and have analytical bent of mind. They have a proven track record of developing research papers and theses. The research papers are written with a clear goal of getting published in international journals. The papers thus written are original and have implementation guideline. In case you have any queries regarding the aspects of coverage and contribution of the research paper, the writers and statisticians can be contacted via conference calls. Dissertation Planet also provides research paper editing and formatting services. All research papers written by us are checked for originality through internet software for percentage of copied content and a report of the same is provided along with the final submission.

Further, it is possible to make changes in the research paper based on the review received from journal houses. The changes are done free of cost if they fall within scope of the topic and can be completed within the timeline. If you need to create multiple research papers for similar topics, you can avail bulk packages which are economic and attractive. We cover almost every topic of research including, but not limited to, the following.

Further, it is possible to make changes in the research paper based on the review received from journal houses. The changes are done free of cost if they fall within scope of the topic and can be completed within the timeline. The research paper writing service is offered at reasonable cost and bulk deal starting at three research papers on a similar topic is also offered. We cover almost every topic of research including, but not limited to, the following:

Management subjects of Finance, Marketing, Human resource, Supply Chain, Retail Management, Operations, Production and IT

Information systems






Bio Chemistry

Engineering >> Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Computer Science



Political Science

Human behaviour

Data Mining

Statistical Techniques and tools

Medical research papers

The research papers are written for international universities from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, South Africa, Belgium, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, England, Ireland, Planet, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Qatar, Russia and many more.

The service of research paper writing help assists PhD research scholars in meeting the requirements of journals for getting the research published. The scholars in US often use the research papers created by us as reference material for their dissertations. We have been able to produce many success stories wherein research student/faculty has been able to complete the PhD by publishing the papers. However, our research paper writing help service does not undertake any liability for the research paper getting published in any journal.

The Research Paper writing service can be categorised in two major categories – conceptual and empirical papers. Conceptual papers are related to review and synthesis of literature, assessment of the existing research and suggestions for future research. The specification of propositions and theoretical models pertaining to a phenomenon under study are also explained. An introduction to the topic and framework of theorization process is also provided. They cover the results, such as a theoretical model, and define inferences for future research, as well as application of the findings.

On the other hand, the process of empirical research is concerned with establishing a hypothesis and its relations with the variables of research. The parts of this type of research paper are introduction, abstract, hypothesis, research methods, results and discussion, conclusion and references.

The knowledge of our team about both these techniques assures that whatever be the requirement of the client, it is met with perfection

Our writers and editors are highly qualified and have a proven track record in the fraternity of research as well as years of experience in dealing with varied kinds of research activities. Our editors go through the research works diligently to remove all factual, logical and grammatical errors. Our team of writers and editors works in close coordination with our project managers. So coordination is never a problem and our clients are regularly updated on the status of the work done.

We give supreme importance to deadlines. This is another aspect that we excel in. We go an extra mile and suggest you a few publications relevant for publishing the research. Thus, the quality of our services is simply superb.

Of the scores of research help companies available on the internet; we are never lost in the clutter since our organisation was founded on the pillars of quality and commitment. So, the thousands of researchers and scholars who owe major credit to us for being awarded their doctorates flock our websites every time they engage in any kind of research activities.

Lastly, the rates charged for our services are highly competitive and the deliverables beyond compare. The research papers provided by us face a litmus test before they are sent out. The research papers are ought to be published in journals, and hence they are written with utmost care.