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As the word show the meaning by itself that to proof your reading before submitting any assignment. Proof reading means to revise all the draft and spots the mistakes. In proofreading we read the content carefully, examines the mistakes and correct the typological errors in grammar, spellings and style. All the content and assignments need proof readings as a human being nobody is perfect and while writing any text and compiling our idea we forgot so many points and most of the time we do grammatical and spelling mistakes which is a natural thing. Proof reading is just like straightening clothes or combing your hairs before facing the public. Detection of grammatical or spelling mistakes and any mechanical errors is very important because these all things matters a lot. Readers should not appreciate non-serious attitudes they want the text which is free from spelling mistakes and errors. To read the content more and more helps you a lot in finding the mistakes. Proof reading should be done in a careful and methodical manner. When you are proof reading your assignment do it with fresh eye. I mean that after completing your assignment leave that place or try to do something else read the text after sometime it will help you more in finding errors as distance make you think better.  Most of the writers follow this strategy and it is helping them a lot in finding errors and mistakes in there text. Before submitting your assignment proof reading is very important it makes you sure that you have revised each and every paragraph very carefully and you have removed all your error and corrections.

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