What is the process for choosing a thesis topic?

What is the process for choosing a thesis topic?


Step 1 What topic will I investigate?

The question facing any researcher, seeing the horizon and not having the slightest idea of what I am going to do, but we are going to lay the groundwork for us to be in the same channel, it is clear that each one of you, will analyze the point of view from their own reality, from their specific needs, said the above, the assumptions are as follows:

  1. I am a graduate of psychology.
  2. I did not achieve academic excellence, and failing to achieve it, among the mechanisms offered by my university is the conduct of a thesis-type scientific research.

Given these two assumptions I can lay the foundation of the study that strikes me.

Explain that within what forms the brainstorming, one must think of assumptions that can give support to the investigation, sometimes these are introspections that being personal can create a certain stinging, discomfort, restlessness, even think absurd, but To be part of the brainstorming may have some truth for some people and something absurd and uncomfortable for others, so you if possible I ask you to understand these explanations and in your case, if I generate discomfort, I suggest you leave From my points of view and reach other ports, this will most likely cause the impulse of knowledge from the questions and the answers that should be raised from their brains, look for more, if they really want to do something interesting that makes them feel Proud, this is a path you can follow.

The first steps are based on experience, here it is important that you know your area of profession, each of the areas is a world that has many elements that can be analyzed and investigated. You can not investigate what you do not know, that record it in your mind, in this part I agree with Hernandez and Coello (2008) called The quantitative paradigm of scientific research , which is a book I recommend reading if the Future you want to be researchers that use their own elements to produce knowledge, at the end of this article will find their bibliography. These authors mention that one can not investigate what one does not know, one investigates something that one wants to know more, although many of you may say that it is not, and are right in part, an example of which are theories of Physics and astronomy, for example that of the Big Bang.

But the argument that I give here is that if you are a mathematician, you will not get to investigate elements of history or philosophy, since they are not your forte, your area, your specialty, starting from this is where you should start to make a dimension Of your universe, the principle of a delimitation.
Knowing that you can not investigate something that you do not know (nor is it your forte), you must see your area, in point 1 of the course explained at the beginning, I am an intern of the Psychology Degree, so according to my area I should look for chord themes to me.


One of the areas that have the most elements to investigate because it is a career that relates to practically all areas of human influence, whether at work, at school, in society, etc. So you should be careful when choosing research topic from a wide range of possibilities.

To be able to create knowledge must be based on existing human knowledge, which reaches us through the senses, with this initial knowledge our brain elaborates certain processes that can lead to the creation of new knowledge, being able to use some of the significant learning of David Ausubel, explained by Maria Luisa Sanchis (2009) when he says that it is necessary to detect previous knowledge, showing a new knowledge, where through a conflict within our brain (cognitive conflict), we have the concern to learn something new.

Taking this to our subject, then the question that arises is: What topic do I have prior knowledge? Based on this generic topic, it is necessary to know if we have the possibility of inferring or answering why this happens? Here is the brainstorming, in which of the chosen subject we will venture a series of answers that can be real or not.

All of this we do from a purely empirical point of view, but if our brain says that it is possible that the answers can be interesting, they can create a new knowledge with scientific bases (here already is thinking about the research of references of this level ), Then we have a theme to attack, investigate, plan, perform, etc.

What subject do I have prior knowledge of?

Let’s start with the question: What topic do I have prior knowledge about? Recalling that I am a psychologist, I see my environment, there are many possible topics, about the deterioration of the society that is seen every day on television, such as insecurity, low educational levels, population growth, teacher problems, Violence in children, secondary laws, prostitution in Mexico, migration and migrant children, etc.

All these are general topics that catch my attention, most likely I can focus on the psychological area if I have pertinent care, in my case the topic that caught my attention was that of violence in children, known as bullying.

Of the topics that I know that could relate to my area and I selected one, but as explained earlier this is generic, bullying says nothing particular, children annoying others in theory weaker or smaller. I have previous knowledge because I have seen several news that explain the phenomenon, that is what helps me to know its existence and I do not start from scratch, I have notions thanks to what I have seen and heard, using two of my senses.

Why does this happen?

After having a generic topic of which I have prior knowledge, I must ask myself questions to be able to brainstorm in this part, where my mind is free to imagine reasons or elements that cause certain children (commonly in a group) to select To others when they are alone, perhaps smaller, perhaps more timid, perhaps with more family problems, it may be that their parents are separated, etc.,

Here we still do not know (or do not know) which indicators trigger a response from “bad” children, for example:

  • They may see a lot of television or movies that are aggressive, violence on television; They may have family problems that are why they go out to the street to hurt others;
  • It may be that they feel alone and in their eagerness to feel accepted socially within the group of friends, then if one tells them “stick” the other goes and performs this action;
  • Their parents may have problems and be separated;
  • It may be that since the concept of the family as it was known in that there was a father, a mother and several children is no longer the general rule, there are homoparental families (same sex parents) or uniparental (single parent) Returning the norm or what prevails at present;
  • Bulliyng may be a fashion that when seeing other children or their school comes on television, in the news, then they want to be famous and that is a means to achieve it;
  • It may be that for years there have been social changes in Mexico that have resulted in fathers and mothers families not teaching human values to their children, it may be that due to excess number of children, may be due to overwork, may Be because the money is worth less for 20 years, which borders both parents to work more, earning less, but even when adding the income these are insufficient and consequently come home tired, tired of the heavy days, depressed To see their reality, that they do not have a minute derived from the feeling of discouragement that there is not a minute to talk with their children, and these children consequently feel alone in the world, the father or mother (I think Mother) does not explain what it means to respect others, what it is to be whole, responsibility, tradition, honesty, tolerance, sensitivity, understanding, etc. That causes these children to grow meaningless, that is, they have no basis in their mind that lead them to understand what is correctly done and must prevail or what is not right and must end, being able to define between what is good and what is wrong;
  • It may be that the problem is related to poverty as explained above, so if this is the case it is feasible that bullying exists in a greater proportion in the poorer states of Mexico, for example, Oaxaca, Chiapas or Guerrero; etc.

Bullying Thesis Topics

So the brainstorming in this case starts from the previous knowledge of the environment mentioned by Ausubel, each of the points explained in my mind have some sense, from each of them can arise a research topic that would be interesting (initially for me ) To verify the validity of concepts and thoughts.

I will outline some of the topics that are likely to be point-to-point theses:

  • “The affectation of television exposure in Mexican children and its relation to the prevalence of bullying”
  • “The loneliness feeling of the high school student who borders on bullying his classmates, case study Secondary X”
  • “Divorce as a bullying activist in Mexico, a case study in High School and”
  • “The single-parent problem causes bullying, Study conducted in the DIF such” or the same subject with homoparental family.
  • “Bullying is a fashion” in high school w. Qualitative study that demonstrates this fact “
  • “Bullying arises from the poverty of society” or “The relationship of bullying with the loss of human values” or “Poverty prevents the transmission of human values, resulting in bullying,
  • “The poorest states in Mexico cause bullying in their children, comparative study of Oaxaca, Chiapas and Guerrero as poorer states with Nuevo Leon, Jalisco and the Federal District as richer states or capital.”

Be careful when choosing your theme

In short, more thesis ideas may arise, more than one of the above can be accepted by your advisor, director or thesis tutor (later we will call only thesis adviser), although I mention that they should be careful when selecting topic , This because of the economic costs that can originate, see the last point, comparative of the States of the Mexican Republic, how much money can be needed to make the comparison, how many schools will be studied, why these schools and in that amount, How many students will be selected in the samples, will there be studies in the state DIF ?, does the planning of this work require more people? How many ?, the most important questions are: How long will it take for the information? How much money will I spend in doing this research?

This topic of investigation of the states probably can do the INEGI that if it has the human, material and economic resources necessary to be able to respond adequately to this subject.

The intention is that before you set the four legs with your adviser, and that the university will accept a subject that you will be very expensive, you should think about it very well, since it can be a never ending story due to your bad planning or That you raise your expenses so much that you can not finish. Be very careful about these points that you should consider.

Search for similar studies

After weighing the points, think about whether they will be expensive or extremely expensive, then select one or two topics that interest you, plan A and plan B, at this time you need to look for studies that are similar to yours, so that you Give a clearer idea of what you can find, which will give you the basis to defend your subject before your thesis adviser.

You can ask why to investigate if there are similar studies, I mention that in a research paper, you should compare your results with others in a process that is called “Discussion”, here you will be able to verify if your results are similar or not to those obtained in Other investigations, if they seem to validate what has been done, if they do not seem to issue your reasons for the difference, if other authors can be taken to validate these facts, differences, similarities, divergences or similarities, all this is to give more Support your research work.

The search for similar studies will help to verify their measuring instruments that you can select to use in your work and then have elements to measure ” the same rule , ” so you should see how up data and what instruments (surveys, Interviews, etc.) used for their work.

Sometimes, in order to do your research, you need two rules, which makes your work more interesting, for example if you consider that poverty is a trigger for bullying, then you may have to do an additional socioeconomic study, then a Study on the educational level of parents, then a study on bullying in children, as you see are studies that use several rules, you must select the correct ones that give practical meaning to your future work.

In addition, previous research allows you to know more in depth what you are facing, which can boost your encouragement and then you can be clear the way forward.

Having completed this research on your A and B plans, you will have elements that help you select one topic about the other, will be the one you expose to your thesis adviser, since you can defend it from your interest to know what happens if you do your job As you are thinking or planning, you must defend your idea and be emphatic about your interest in that topic and most importantly, what kind of new knowledge will you get? This is the heart of the research, since this will allow you to have elements to correct a problem, being able to issue it in your thesis as recommendations for similar studies, or solutions that you propose to the academic centers where you carried out your research.

If you do well, focusing on your area of interest, if you do everything that I have talked about, you can find very interesting research topics that will most likely be accepted in your university, remember, this step by step is to give you a north, that is The intention, you can follow the path I drew you, if you do you will have very interesting outings.

I remind you that you must further narrow your topic, selecting a site where you will carry out the research, you can choose two or three, for example in the case of bullying in technical high schools, general secondary schools and primary school, selecting one of each type, Elements to buy between them, you must do something similar with your subject, delimit your work, also select in which school grades (first, second or third) or three, etc.

Also the path helps you to vary some element, omit another, add new, etc. Remember that it is a suggestion and you, with your mind, with your brain you can make your own, this article is only a light when you have darkness and you do not know, you have no idea how to start, after reading it, I assure you, you will know What to do in your particular case.

In the next step, it is part of a thesis topic, here you will see this topic and the main parts of a thesis, you will explain what each one is and what it serves, you need to know them since this ignorance causes A large percentage of dissertation work is never completed, because they do not know for example what an approach to the problem is or what it is for.

It is pending, be vigilant and if they have questions, they know my mail space , use it , let me questions, let me suggestions.

If they liked the article, something they can do for me, share it on their walls, on their faces, on twitter, on google plus, etc., that is always appreciated, if you want some of your friends who have problems to perform their thesis , Send this article, do your best to help your friends and consequently help me.

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