Post Graduate Fellowship and Healthcare Administration
Post Graduate Fellowship and Healthcare Administration


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Post Graduate Fellowship and Healthcare Administration

When we think about career in healthcare, images of doctors, nurses and surgical instruments come in our mind. However, there are a number of different careers in healthcare which vary from administers of the healing process to administers of the industry. Doctors and nurses cannot work on their own and heal people as they require a large team which works ‘behind the scene’ for them in satisfying the jobs done at all levels of responsibility. Like any business, healthcare requires quality managers who are responsible to ensure the efficient and effective running of the organisation. Their job is to plan and supervise the delivery of services by the doctors, nurses and technicians to the patients on time (Hudak, Brooke, Finstuen, & P., 1993).

One of the reasons behind why I selected this field for studying and profession is because I have always seen the healthcare administration as an important actor playing an effective role in keeping the community healthy and safe. My interest developed in this field due to its broad nature and the spectrum that it works on. From large facilities of hospitals and medical centres to smaller facilities of clinics, healthcare administration is required in every aspect of the medical world and its importance cannot be denied. At large facilities, the administrators are responsible for overseeing a large chunk of activities in the areas of healthcare and operations.

I decided to work on a smaller facilities spectrum in the field of healthcare administration for my fellow ship. I started the fellowship as the assistant administrator at a clinic and of many responsibilities that I held; I was also responsible for over viewing personnel, finance, and facility operations. As a member of the healthcare administration my job and position was very critical and required complete attention as one mistake from my side could have led someone’s life in jeopardy. I was always very careful in performing my duties and had a great time while working there as all the employees were very friendly and welcoming. As the assistant administrator I was given a responsible to manage staff shifts and timings. Because it was a small scale facility, the staff team was very small and limited; however, it was important for at least two doctors and five nurses to be present in clinic at all times with one more doctor being on call. This was not the case one night as I somehow forgot to put the duties as per policy which resulted in only one doctor being on call and no one in the hospital except the five nurses.

No one questioned or noticed the schedule as it was not the first time I scheduled the staff duties and in past I had been taking care of it perfectly. However, during the night there were no emergencies or any urgent need of the doctors and the nurses managed the clinic efficiently through the night without even noticing the absence of a doctor. The next day I was asked about the mistake from the administrator as he went through the shift schedule and pointed out the missing slots for doctors on the sheet. It was my mistake and I was responsible for it.

I took full responsibility of my mistake and apologised for it while ensuring that such mistake would not be repeated. I was thoroughly aware of the consequences that could have been experienced in the case of any emergency at the clinic. This incident taught me how important each step taken by the administration is for the health and safety of the patients and I learned how important it is to accept one’s own mistake. The administrator later on appreciated the fact that I did not deny to take the responsibility of the mistake that I made. It is true that identifying a mistake made by the administration or management is not easy and at some points they are also even avoided. However, this avoidance cannot eliminate the importance and impact of the decisions that are taken by these administrators in the healthcare.


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