Terms of Service

No Publication

Dissertationplanet.co.uk never re-sells your paper. Our clients who avail our services are the only owners of what they receive and order. Once the paper is complete and approved by our clients we delete it from our database.


In case of a refund by client, the paper remains the property of Dissertation Planet and will be published online once full amount is refunded.


We trust our clients as much as they trust us! That is why we let them pay in installments, sometimes even after the paper is delivered. However if a client fails to process the remaining amount after receiving complete paper, the company holds the right to publish that paper after sending three reminders, without refunding the paid amount.

Refunds and Compensations

In case of an event where the client wants a refund before receiving the complete paper before the given deadline, Dissertation Planet holds the right to deduct a suitable percentage of the payment as a compensation for the time and work that is put by the team during the process. The percentage depends on the amount of work completed by the writer and the time that the team spent working on the order all together. Once the refund is complete, the case is considered closed. Clients do not hold the right to claim for a refund for the amount that has been deducted as a compensation.

No Missed Deadline

We never miss a deadline. That is right! However we cannot assure that we will provide your papers on deadline because sometimes they are delivered ahead of time!

Privacy and Confidentiality

We never disclose the personal information of our clients to third parties. The secret of your progress remains reliable in our hands. However in certain cases on refunds, the regulations are different. Please review our refund policy for further clarifications.

Secured Payment Policy

If you make a payment, be 100% assured that you have used our highly secure payment mode. Dissertationplanet.co.uk is not a fraud and we do not mean to hassle. We believe in maintaining good reputation amongst our clients.

Customer Satisfaction

At Dissertationplanet.co.uk we give our clients what they want. Moreover, we have a number of freebies or our clients to avail and every now and then we like to give our clients special discounts to make their dream of getting perfect A in their studies more accessible.

Privacy Policy

Dissertation Planet truly understands the importance of their client’s confidentiality. We promise to protect the private information of each valued client and that’s why we introduce a comprehensive Privacy Policy to facilitate them in any case. The basic objective of this Privacy Policy is to notify our clients regarding the use of our services and the required information at the time of placing orders. Rest assured, we strictly follow UK Data Protection Act 1998 and never leak any private details to a third party*. (Please refer to our Refund Policy for reviewing cases in our terms for privacy are adjusted)

We strongly recommend you to read our Privacy Policy before placing the orders.

Details Of Client’s Contact

For processing the assignment order, clients have to deliver their Names, emails and contact numbers. Alias will be used in case if the clients are not interested in revealing their original names. Dissertation Planet is not responsible for order process failure further if the provided details are found incorrect. However, we keep all the personal details in our servers temporarily till the final delivery is made.

Usage of Private Details

The private details of the clients are used to respond their queries related to the orders. Also, we use these details to update our clients about the recent products, services and promotion offers. Here, it is necessary to clear one thing that your confidential details will not be revealed in front of a third party, and we even keep it secret from our employees who don’t have a valid authorisation.

Clients can exempt themselves from further subscription if they are not interested to be contacted again. This is not all; we remove all the private details of our clients from our server immediately.

Web – based Details

Dissertation Planet tracks all the IP addresses and cookies of its visitors to analyse different attitudes of the visitors. By this, it becomes easier to determine which pages are more preferable to visit often and which pages have elevated bounce rate. These minimal details help us augment the output efficiency of the respective pages.

Those cookies can be easily prevented from getting traced by the visitors and in reaction; it will restrict some of our pages from getting displayed.

Policy Amendments

Dissertation Planet reserves full rights to make further changes in its Privacy Policy. However, our clients will be updated shortly in case of any changes are made.