How to make a form with Google Drive?

How to make a form with Google Drive?

To construct the data of an investigation we can design different instruments, among which are: the interview and / or the survey. Technology gives us the possibility of speeding up this process and can do it almost automatically (and free) without moving from home and thus be able to optimize our working time. In this post I tell you how to design a form with Google Drive.



What is Google Drive?
Google Drive is where all of your files, including Google Docs and local files, are accessed by Google Drive to store all types of files, including documents, presentations, music, photos, and videos.


To enter your Google Drive you must have a gmail account. Both the account and your free use Drive. Although for a while if you must store a lot of information has a cost, but believe me is much information that you can upload until that happens.


How to access Google Drive?

To access your Drive account, you must have a gmail account . If you have not yet opened a gmail account, this is the opportunity to do so because it will serve you to use the other Google tools for Education.


Once you are in your Drive Drive

  • Click More
  • Click on Form


And you start to edit your form to create your interview and / or survey . You can also let the experts do the work by getting dissertation help.

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