Know the habits that damage your work reputation

Know the habits that damage your work reputation

There are certain behaviors that do not help improve your image at work. Avoid them!



If you intend to grow in your career, the reputation that you keep in the workplace is almost as important as your performance and your skills. For this reason, you should pay attention to not fall into certain habits that can cost you a future recommendation or prevent you get that promotion you so desire:

Giving up office gossip

Talking about others can be very entertaining and tempting, especially when it comes to people with whom you share several hours a day. However, you must remember this phrase of Diderot Denis: “He who speaks of the defects of others, with others, speaks of his own”: murmuring under the conduct of others does nothing more than show how you are in truth, and transmits an unreliable image .

Do the indispensable minimum

When completing a task, you must devote your best effort. In case you really consider it to be something that is not your responsibility, try talking to your superior or delegating the task.

Do not accept responsibility for your actions

When you are confronted by something or you must report an error or a bad result, say the truth half or blame someone else is very unethical and professional. Especially when it is a mistake of your own or a team for which you are responsible.

It will always be better seen that you accept full responsibility for one mistake than to point to another, as it is a sign of maturity and seriousness. Admit your mistakes and try to learn from them to overcome you.

Resent the success of others

Criticizing others or looking for the “but” to someone else’s success will be putting your own success at risk. The same thing happens to rejoice internally when the other goes wrong, it is only a petty behavior that takes away energy that you could invest in overcoming yourself.

Work at all times

Sending work emails at 5 am, staying in the office until the night and working the weekends may seem like a way to give a good impression to your bosses, when all he does is evidence that you do not have a life outside from work. Try to disconnect and carry as little work as possible home, and even turn off your phone at certain times.


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