Job interviews: what to answer if they ask how willing you are to lie about the company

Job interviews: what to answer if they ask how willing you are to lie about the company

Turn to an alternative answer and learn to answer even when you find yourself between the sword and the wall


job interview is the decisive instance for a job of work. If you fail in your answers, the recruiters will not be considered during the final selection process, but if you answer correctly, you ‘ll have a great chance of getting the position . In addition to your personal and professional skills, the key is to think about possible answers and fit the context . Then we tell you what to answer if you are asked how willing you would be to lie for the company. 

There are several questions that recruiters can to ask you to determine whether your personal performance matches the skills previously on your resume. Among the answers they seek, they can submit to a conflict of ideals to ask if you are willing to lie for the sake of the company.

The authors of the book “How to Answer The 64 Toughest Interview Questions” suggest that this question confronts the values of loyalty and integrity and that the best answer is one that does not prioritize one quality over the other but covers both.

An example of response that combines loyalty and integrity can say ” I would never do anything to harm the company” . In this way, you will not see what lies obliged to accept for the sake of the company but also will damage its reputation confessing a truth that compromises their situation. Conveys the feeling that seek an alternative solution .

In the event that you press to select a blunt response as “Would you need to keep the job, even if it means acting under my moral” or “never lie even if it costs me the job , ” choose the second. Express it in the most subtle way possible but highlight your integrity , it is a highly valued and appreciated better quality than blind loyalty.

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