Job interviews: what to answer if they ask how many hours per week you usually work

Job interviews: what to answer if they ask how many hours per week you usually work

Learn to answer this question even if you are not a workaholic.


As part of the  series of questions job interviews , we do to help you overcome the most difficult in the postulation of a job instance , we give you the best answers to incriminating questions can to ask you the recruiters Practice them!

Interviewers responsible for giving approval for you to sign your contract, inquire about your educational background, personal qualities and previous employment, but also try to find out what are your work habits .

In fact, the authors of the book “How to Answer The 64 Toughest Interview Questions” suggest prepare for the question: do you work many hours per week?  In the first instance avoids specifying a number : if recruiters consider is low, you only get to cross off your name from the list of candidates. However, a high number will force you to work more hours than you are entitled to.

You have two options to answer without specifying a number of hours. For workaholics will be easy, because the workaholic are always welcome in companies. Admit your dedication stating that often work at night and even some weekends , but your family does not bother because he knows that is part of your personality.

Instead, if you do not consider yourself a workaholic , it states that always worked hard for long hours. He adds that it is difficult to closely monitor the amount of time you spend at work, because often what you include in conversation topics, think about your job while you move from side to side and enjoy solving problems connected even when you’re on schedule labor.


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