Focus Group: how to analyze the data
Focus Group: how to analyze the data

The technique of the focus groups is framed within the socio-qualitative research, understanding this as a process of production of meanings that points to the investigation and interpretation of hidden phenomena to the observation of common sense.

In addition, it is characterized by working with analysis tools that do not seek to inform about the extent of phenomena (number of phenomena), but rather interpret them in depth and detail, to account for social behaviors and daily practices, explain the teacher, in the text The technique of the focus groups in the framework of socio – qualitative research .

Qualitative or quantitative methodology?

The research design is concerned with providing a verification model that allows to contrast facts with theories, and its form is that of a strategy or general plan that determines the operations necessary to do so. Defining the tests that are relevant is what we call design, it may be interviews, observations or laboratory tests.


To complete the answer, I recommend this post on the characteristics of methodologies quali and quanti. Both methodologies differ in fundamental intentionality: the qualitative perspective seeks to understand the objects of study as an activity of the researcher himself, which tries to make sense, while the quantitative perspective seeks to verify, that is, the ultimate and epistemological end is that of to verify the events that are out there and that exist independently of the investigator.


More about Focus Group

The authors explain that the focus group is also called “group exploratory interview” or “focus group” where a small group (six to twelve people) and with the guidance of a moderator, is expressed freely and spontaneously on a theme.

Focus groups are used to:

  • – Know social behaviors and attitudes, which helps to relay information about a topic.
  • – Obtain more and variety of answers that can enrich the information regarding a topic.
  • – Better focus an investigation or locate a product more easily.
  • Get ideas for further studies.


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Reference sources

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