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Business (Management and Marketing)

  1. The Role of Management Accounting in New Public Management Reforms
  2. Personal Managerial Effectiveness
  3. What is the importance of marketing strategies in the retailing business? Supermarket Giant of UK: Sainsbury
  4. Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning
  5. Clickbait Marketing
  6. Product innovation as a critical determinant of foreign market success based on the global automobile industry; case study of Tata and Volkswagen
  7. Developing a Social Enterprise
  8. Sustainability at Tesco
  9. Employer Branding through Social Media


  1. Size Effect: Report Statistics SPSS
  2. SPSS Analysis


  1. Bariatric Clients in Maternity Units
  2. Patients and relatives/carers Perspectives on Palliative Care for Cancer Patients
  3. Complex Care Needs
  4. The impact of HIV/AIDS on poverty in poor people of India
  5. Post Graduate Fellowship and Healthcare Administration


  1. Earnings management in the process of preparing corporate financial reports
  2. Benefits of Taxation
  3. Why Is Gas Price Remaining High When Oil Price Is Going Down?
  4. Economic Impact of Money Laundering in Hong Kong and Australia – A Comparative Study
  5. The Economic Impact of Tourism
  6. Financial Performace Advice – Case of Marks & Spencer


  1. Summary of ‘Saltation and Stasis: A Model of Human Growth
  2. Annotated Bibliography
  3. Behaviour for Learning
  4. Humanism
  5. Liberalism
  6. Bo Le Analysis
  7. Creative Personality: A Result of Imaginary Companionship
  8. Drawing on the Visionary

Criminology and International Relations

  1. Gang’s violence
  2. Immigrant Workers
  3. Corporate Fraud
  4. Forensic Audit as A Tool to Fight FRAUD and Corruption (Proposal)


  1. Air Industry