Essay is a piece of writing based on an intro, brainstorming, thesis, a body and the conclusion. It can be based on any issue or topic. But if the choice is given to you to choose the topic then choose those topics which you like the most because the more interesting the topic will be the more research and information you are collecting for it. Here are some points which help you a lot in writing an essay.


The introduction of the essay should be very much attractive because the whole essay depends upon the intro. The more attractive the intro will be the more it will catch the readership.


In brainstorming you have to collect all your ideas you have to think, think and think about the topic as much as you can because the more you think the more ideas and details you will be collecting about your topic.


The thesis is the statement of your essay that strongly expresses the overall response to the question.  And it will be the statement on which your whole essay relays because from this point you will be further discussing your essay topic in its favor or against.

The body:

The body of the essay depends upon all the detailed information of your topic and in this you will discuss all those points which support your idea and thesis statement.


Now, the conclusion the ending of your essay must be relevant to your ideas which you have discussed in your above essay. And it will make your reader to remember you for a long time.


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