How a Dissertation is done
How a Dissertation is done

Hello, we have opened a new section so that I can help you from to write your dissertation. From now on, you can send us your inquiries and we will answer, as far as we can, through very short videos and, we hope, useful that we will upload on the website.

We also have another super novelty that may interest you. He received daily consultations on how to study at a distance, tips to study at home and other advice that need, in general, students like you, who are striving (every day) to achieve their dreams. Then, we thought the best way we had to help them was with a blog that covered more than the development of the dissertation. Thus was born Tips in Dissertation Writing. If you are interested in knowing more about the new blog, you can know it by clicking on its title >>> Tips for Dissertation Writing.

What is the context in the Dissertation?

With this consultation, we inaugurated the section website, for the students who visit

In the words of the person who wrote me to the form that you find on the left side of your screen if you are on a desktop or laptop and at the end of the blog if you are with your cell, this was your specific question: ” Hello, in my project Thesis I have to have the context and I do not understand well how to write it, I searched the page for an example but I cannot find it, if they could help me I would be very grateful . ”

Dissertation Planet brings as a novelty a section that you will love:  #Dissertationhelp if you want to be accompanied while writing your dissertation, visit now and click on signup so you know every time we do an online study session. In addition, you will find all the answers to the queries you receive at

You can consult your doubts through the form that you find on the blog, you can also write to


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