Dissertation: Activate your creativity to get new ideas
Dissertation: Activate your creativity to get new ideas

They say that if we always take the same road, we arrive at the same place. And my experience tells me that there is some truth in this saying. We present this online dissertation help so you can activate your creative thinking to get out of the block in which, many times, places us having to write a dissertation.


Writing a dissertation can awaken in us the feeling of frustration. We came to believe that our ideas went away to a place far away from which they will never return.

Almost 5 years ago,  we put this online dissertation help and, at this time,  got over 1680 enthusiasts looking for new ideas. The service is offered for a very small fee charge so they can know the proposal of Stimulates your creativity, The average rating was 4 stars. Those who did the course said:

” Excellent It is a course that allows you to develop your creativity and makes you extremely active. ”  By Shirleyann Williams Smith

“An interesting technique surprised me the novelty of this technique, I think it delivers the basic information necessary, to begin with creative exercises. ”  By Cristina Rojas

“Everything works! Very useful and also applicable in everything !” By Nora Pérez Barrio

” Creative stimulation It is good, as a resource to generate creativity in times of crisis for innovation. ”  By Leonardo Lopez

Although the concept of creativity does not end up having a unified definition, for most authors creativity is nothing more than problem-solving. Therefore, we are all creative. The issue is how we empower our creative thinking to come up with new ideas, get around the blockages and stay motivated. Dissertation Planet, is an online course that will allow you to activate your creative thinking and pure practice !!!

Creativity is a quality that we all have, but we do not all empower it. The creative talent of human beings has become the heart and core of development processes, which are the result of our ability to imagine, manage, solve problems and do hundreds of things that have contributed to the progress of Individual and of humanity in general.

Fortunately, at this point, it has been concluded that creativity has ceased to be associated exclusively with the artistic and aesthetic field, and it becomes a capacity and a fundamental faculty for personal and social development.

Guilford (American psychologist) years earlier had already announced that “in order to face the world today we need more than creative behavior rather than intelligent behavior .” Flexibility as a condition of adaptability seems to be one of the keys to developing creativity. And one of the ways to achieve it is by activating creative thinking.


The aim of activating creative thinking is to help the creative attitude to transform the way of life, in a permanent practice of people and not in an extraordinary act that can only aspire to do great things, in an act of megalomania and Of greed that can only lead to frustration and failure.


This service is ideal if you want to learn how to boost your creative thinking to develop new ideas, solve problems, overcome blockages and, above all, know your creative skills. The goal is to experience new ways to come up with new ideas.

It will help you solve problems such as “how to solve the thesis”, “writing a work report”, “the content of your marketing campaign” or “go on a trip.” You will learn to balance your creative potential to carry out your creativity day by day.

You may not find the way to “do that” that you love, or the best way to carry out your work in the office, it’s just a matter of discovering your creative potential to make processes that are blocked more flexible.

Types of locks you may be going through:

  • The imperative of adaptation to routine norms.
  • Excessive eagerness for economy and practicality.
  • The tendency to adopt an attitude all or nothing.
  • The belief that it is not worth fantasizing.
  • Fear of error.
  • Fear of making a mistake or making a fool of yourself.
  • The anguish of triumph quickly.
  • The pathological desire for security.
  • The lack of discipline and constancy to carry a problem to the end.
  • The unwillingness to launch a solution.
  • The difficulty of isolating the problem.
  • The inability to define terms.
  • The inability to distinguish between cause and effect.


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