Theoretical framework and how to use the conceptual mapping technique
Theoretical framework and how to use the conceptual mapping technique

As I always tell you the wording of the theoretical framework of our thesis, it is supposed to argue the theoretical relationship between the variables that we put into play in the problem question. To review the construction of the thesis problem, click here for dissertation writing service.


Beginning with your writing of the theoretical framework can be somewhat complex so in this post I propose to implement the technique of conceptual map for writing. For this, you can use a free application easy to use that you can download in just a few minutes called: Cmap Tools or do it with pen and paper.

A conceptual map is a graphical representation of information, through which we can represent the content. These charts allow the organization and hierarchy of knowledge of a subject. It is important not to confuse with mind maps. The difference between the two lies in the way in which concepts are administered and their structure.



The conceptual map represents a hierarchy of different levels of generality and conceptual inclusiveness and is made up of concepts, propositions and link words (Novak and Gowin, 1988).



Concepts: refer to objects, events or situations and are represented in circles called nodes. There are three types of concepts:

  • (Greater level of inclusiveness),
  • Coordinated (equal level of inclusiveness)
  • Subordinate (lower level of inclusiveness). This is where depending on the variables we use in our problem question hierarchize the concepts to work and include other derivatives.


But, you have to keep in mind that it is not descriptive, we leave it for the writing of the chapter itself, we only deal with the relevant relationships.


Propositions: represent the union of two or more concepts related to each other, by a word link. The words link: express the type of relationship between two or more concepts and are represented through labeled lines. These will give us the imprint that we are giving to our relationships, are important because from the propositions we will then write our theoretical framework.



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