How to choose a Dissertation Topic?
How to choose a Dissertation Topic?

Oh “The dissertation” that horrendous ordeal by having to endure all college students, prior to obtaining his degree. And the truth is that, if the development of the thesis itself is complex, one of the most difficult tasks is to choose the topic to develop.

The topic selection depends on many factors and then will try some of the more common scenarios and try to give some Tips on how to choose a subject line for you.

Is there a compulsory subject in your mesh related to the selection of the topic?

In many universities there are one or more subjects in which a teacher will try to guide you to select a theme according to the reality, needs and regulations of your university.

From experience I can say that these materials are useful because in many cases it is necessary to obtain the approval of the subject in order to pass the subject itself. This is a double-edged sword because in many cases students choose whatever theme provided approve.

A recommendation in this case would try to take advantage of either content, but mainlythe time because if done correctly can graduate with an approved topic ready to start being developed.

As personal experience the pressure of having an approved topic in a time limit, helped me greatly to not wander among the many topics that I thought I had to choose. On the negative side this pressure led me to submit an agenda (index) containing some inconsistencies that later had to be corrected with the accompanying paperwork.

Can I choose a dissertation topic?

If you have the freedom to choose a dissertation topic, it is advisable that the issue is related to the strengths and tastes of each person. This leads to the possibility to choose between several types of issues:

  • Topics on “something” thoroughly mastered or know
  • Topics on “something” that we would complement
  • Topics on “something” completely unknown

The ability to select an item on something we master has its strengths as we draft and will move forward in a much faster way. On the other hand we can consider the thesis as a mechanism to fill any gaps or strengthen knowledge on a certain subject.

As personal experience I decant me the second option and I can say that although it was more difficult than I thought, choose a theme to complement knowledge allowed me to strengthen and broaden my understanding of it, even this knowledge has been applied in my work environment . So do not be afraid to select a theme of this style.

The unknown, well … topics such issues can be a great opportunity to explore the latest developments in our careers, but can be dangerous as identify and estimate the complexity of the unknown is always complicated.

But in other cases the choice of a topic often “simplified” because the legislation imposes some faculties students develop thesis topic. This practice from my point of view is wrong because it forces the student to develop a topic that is not to their liking.

Can I choose a tutor / supervisor?

Choosing a tutor / director for the subject is very important and should be part of some criteria.

  • It should be someone who knows chord and on the subject
  • Must be a person who has enough confidence
  • You must have enough time to perform regular reviews
  • Preferably should be addressed prior thesis

Tutors can be a very useful tool when selecting the subject, as they can help us to select, define and refine the project to develop. So it’s very important that it be someone you trust so that they can freely express doubts.

General Recommendations

  • It should be a simple matter
  • Do not exaggerate in scope, remember that the goal is not to reinvent the wheel graduating
  • Must be according to your knowledge and strengths
  • Must be able to be developed within the time limits imposed
  • The guardian should be a person who knows about it
  • The tutor should be someone you trust will have sufficient
  • Investigate long and outlines several alternatives before deciding