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In this field there are tools and resources of modern management to apply to individual cases, even to project business plans, feasibility analysis and economic feasibility, pertaining to quality management and customer care issues. Studies on e-commerce, entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship), family businesses, training of vendors, creation of business incubators, management of football clubs, outsourcing, billing, management consulting, corporate governance, the world of SMEs are also made, the concept of social Responsibility, bank management, social marketing and quality of life, coaching and negotiation, micro enterprises, franchising and outlets, integrated management systems.

To create a good working environment, keep staff motivated, bolster productivity and achieve their loyalty the first thing you should do is to record the difficulties of employees at all levels and areas, from management to technical, production and management. This requires analysing the design of posts, positions, roles and positions within the company, according to the specific characteristics and competencies of staff to no persons located in areas where unmotivated feel, as well as ensure that the level of satisfaction of employees is high, that is, are consistent with the remuneration they receive both salary and regards social- compensation and benefits for their job performance.

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