Bo Le Analysis
Bo Le Analysis

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Bo Le Program

This program has been formulated on the basis of being able to identify and discover the great potential of Asia and nurture them as future leaders. Danone has formulated this program in such way that it is not the company which will change Asia but the leaders that will transform Asian business industry. In 2009 the company took a bold approach and started involving new leaders throughout the corporation in order to get fresh ideas and for that purpose the company decided to develop new leaders and tallest in all levels of organisation. The program helps the young leaders to develop their understanding of teamwork, enable them to develop solid perception, helps them understand the importance of commitment and enjoying the companionship of team members. . According to the report by Danone in (2011) only 7 percent of the managers in the Asia-Pacific region were under the age of 30 which indicated the need of fast recruitment of young local talents in the company. In a result to that, the Bo Le program was initiated in Asia, with a goal to create a talent pool in Asia by 2012 to support the growth of Danone in that region.  Both the process and result of the program are meaningful and it is one way of Danone to identify the potential that Danoners have.

On the other hand this program has some drawbacks to it as well. The picture of young leaders taking over the business corporation might sound very pleasing but on the other hand it is not an easy job to do. The youngsters that will be entering the corporate world will hold numerous ideas and unlimited potential however they will lack one important thing, i.e. experience. Secondly, all these youngsters will be hired on the place of old employees which will cause an increase in the old age unemployment rate of the country. To develop radically it is important to be able to rise to the challenges for sustainable development (Haerinnisya, 2011).

SWOT Analysis of Bo Le Program in Indonesia

S : StrengthsMotivated young generation and more education oriented perspective of people
W: WeaknessesLack of human resource and  over population in Indonesia
O: OpportunitiesTalented young professionals in the business and Strong labour force for future
T: ThreatsIncrease in old age unemployment rate and lack of interlink between personal growth and professional growth through the program

SWOT Analysis of Bo Le Program in Indonesia

S : StrengthsSustainable and positive performance groups of young entrepreneurs
W: WeaknessesCompetitive corporations and new market expectations
O: OpportunitiesNext generation leaders in Asia and sustainable and positive performance from employees in future.
T: ThreatsJoint ventures instead of subsidiaries and competition of Danone with other organisation in Asia.

Joint ventures instead of subsidiariess


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