How To Deal With Stress During PhD

How To Deal With Stress During PhD
While doing a PhD, you will mostly find yourself studying and working all the time. Chances are, you will hardly sleep because of a hectic study schedule. At times, PhD students try to multitask so that they accomplish so much in a short span of time. When you have to this pressure to do more and more, you are likely to feel stressed out to the point where you start feeling disappointed in your abilities to do your PhD.

If any such thing happens with you, then keep in mind that stress is something that should never be ignored at any cost. Do you know who are successful PhD students? The ones who know how to deal with their stress. Here is a list of things that you may face at different stages of PhD; remember, these things must not be overlooked:

  • Constantly have this feeling that you are a failure at everything
  • Feeling like you cannot work hard or give your best
  • Feeling overwhelmed because of the heavy workload
  • Feeling like you don’t belong here
  • Losing focus and interest

If you are going through any such thing, then you have to make sure that you handle it effectively before it’s too late. Otherwise, you would have to suffer a lot later. Here are a few tips to help you deal with stress during PhD.

Effective Tips to Getting Rid of Stress

  • Do you take too long to prepare presentation slides? Well, no need to worry- just make sure that you do quality work. If you keep cursing yourself for taking too much time to do so, you will be left behind.
  • Are you stressing over how you would give a killer defense presentation/talk? Practicing and listening to others’ talks will help you give enough confidence to give a great presentation.
  • Worried about the questions that will be asked after the presentation? Well, you can prepare for them in advance by asking your lab mates, supervisors and friends to drill you with questions.
  • Can’t get a good night’s sleep because of constant worry and anxiety? Well, make sure that you do all your assignments and other tasks on time. And you can only do your tasks prior to the deadline when you don’t let the distractions get to you. This will a great way to save yourself from stressing out.
  • Look after yourself, eat healthy food and get plenty of sleep at night.
  • Always expect good. Keep your cool and relax in stressful situations.

If these tips are not enough for you, make sure that you read on to find useful tips. We have put together the following tips on the basis of the experience of different successful PhD students.

Advice from Successful PhD Students


1 Practice, practice, practice!

You might be stressed out because of the defense talk. Make sure that you rehearse in front of a mirror. You can listen to other students’ talk to get an insight into how it should be done. Of course, you don’t have to make sure that you give the presentation the same way as them. You can carry over things like confidence, clarity, timings from other people’s talks. It can give you enough confidence to give defense talk in an efficient way. Probably the last thing on your mind is reading every single word of your slides.

2 Reach out to committee members before the defense talk

You must know that there is a thesis committee that is going to examine and evaluate your defense talk. So, you not only have to focus on giving a good performance but also, make sure that you have talked to those members earlier so that you know how they are going to evaluate your performance.

You can go to those committee members to discuss the defense talk. Make sure you take out some time to talk to them about your progress. Be sure that you ask them what they expect from your thesis and talk. Don’t forget to ask how they want you to deliver the thesis.

3 Make sure you are very organized with dates and time

There are great chances that you will be given specific timelines and deadlines for things like thesis, dissertation, paperwork etc. So, make sure you do every single task that needs to get done prior to the deadline. Write down all the tasks on your to-do-list on a planner or notebook. You surely do not want to submit your assignment late just because you forgot that the deadline is approaching.

At times, even if you remember that you have to complete a dissertation, you will not have enough time to focus on that. If any such thing happens to you, then make sure that you ask from British dissertation help from a reliable company.


1 Put your health on a top priority

You are working day and night to achieve your academic goal and chances are, your mental and physical wellbeing will be affected. Make sure that you take care of yourself and don’t let your health get affected during this time.

Even if you are on top of your health, make sure that you visit a physician once in a while. This way, you will not only be relaxed but also gain enough confidence to keep going.

2 Try to clear your mind

Chances are, you are making your mind do a gazillion things at once. Consider looking for an activity that allows you to focus on one thing at a time like yoga, meditation, exercise or running.

Now you must be thinking to yourself ‘I don’t have enough time to do that’. It is understandable to lack time but you have to take some time for such activities. Why? Because they will have a profound effect on both your mental and physical being.

3 Say ‘no’ to negativity

If you spend time on thinking critically about your paperwork, thesis and overall performance, then it’s high time to put an end to this bad habit of yours. Being critical about yourself and your performance will not get you anywhere.

It is not a good idea to doubt yourself. Whenever you have any kind of confidence-ruining thoughts about your performance, then consider penning them down on a piece of paper. Then make sure you write next to it why you are wrong to think this way.