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Literature, Poetry, Theatre, Cinema, Music, Painting, drawings and sculptures, videos and photographs, all the fine arts raise concerns and desire to research in our teams. All genres and avant-garde experiences, movements and authors that represented a break or a paradigm shift in their disciplines, can be approached from perspectives and innovative approaches. In this subject area they have been carried out development work on formal languages, artistic creation and transgression, performance art and conceptual art. Also, and especially, we have focused on the relationship between art and socio-cultural fields.

To understand the essential features and attributes of fantasy films is necessary to refer to the genre fantastic literary, which emanates naturally as can be seen an evolution or adaptation to pictures of it. Indeed, in the field of theoretical constructs about the fantastic in literature, is valuable input from Caillois (1970), for whom the fantasy genre literary refers to an impression that occurs when you transgress, as disturbing, laws our empirical world.