8 skills you do not learn in college and are keys to success

8 skills you do not learn in college and are keys to success

Although higher education conveys invaluable teachings, there are crucial life skills that are not taught in the classroom

Nowadays, the university students get their diploma once they have acquired the knowledge necessary to carry out their profession. However, this does not mean that they are truly prepared for life. Researchers at the University of Washington conducted a survey  of 1,651 graduates of American universities, who consulted about the strategies they use to search for information after finishing their studies, as well as the challenges they face in their life everyday . The study concluded that most participants find it difficult to acquire the tools to cope with these challenges. Read on for the 8 skills you do not learn in college and are essential for success:



1) Manage your finances

Knowing manage your money  and your bank account is essential to succeed in adulthood. However, it is a skill that is seldom passed on in formal education. There are several applications, online courses  and other resources you can use to have maximum control over your personal finances, learn to save and invest. Take time to acquire this skill and you will avoid many worries in the future.


2)  Make professional networking

The term refers to make contacts in order to strengthen your career . This does not mean that you “use” the other person, but the idea is to establish relationships that are favorable to both parties. How to do it? Simply encourage yourself to get in touch with teachers, colleagues and relevant people in the area of your interest. Remember that they were once in the place where you are.


3) Avoid “burnout”

In both academia and work, there is a latent pressure to work to the extreme, spend sleepless nights or prioritize study or work life before everything else. However, it is important that you learn to listen to your body, know how to set limits and take care of your mental and physical health. Learn not to check your email at all times and “unplug” from everything even a little each day.


4) Facing failure

While it is important to success in mind when studying or working to achieve a certain goal, it is necessary to prepare for failure . Every successful person has had to face failure ever, the difference lies in how they manage to overcome it. Read the biographies of the people you admire and pay special attention to this point.


5) Forge your own career

In the current job market, fewer and fewer people are staying in the same job or doing the same job for most of their lives. Many professionals perform more than one work activity or combine different work activities in their routine. Being able to take advantage of personal skills and passions and incorporate them into the career that was studied at university to create something totally new is a capability that is acquired outside the classroom.


6)  The importance of traveling

Knowing other cultures is an essential part of growth. There are several scholarship programs of study or work , and initiatives that allow you to exchange work for lodging or food, if you can not afford a trip.


7) Communicate and negotiate with others

Both for life and for business, interpersonal communication is an essential skill if you want to speak fluently successfully. The same is true for negotiation skills.


8) Maintaining a home

Although it may seem elementary, there are many graduates who have no idea how to maintain a home in good condition, pay bills or even cook simple dishes. Do not be one of them! Instead of leaning solely on cleaning services, use tips that the internet offers to learn how to prepare food and keep your space neat and tidy.


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