8 guides for the elaboration of a thesis (free to download) for Students with ESL

8 guides for the elaboration of a thesis (free to download) for Students with ESL

If you are about to graduate, download one of these guides for the development of a thesis and present your work with total security.


Elaborating your degree thesis is undoubtedly a challenging stage for every university student, since it is a type of work that is perhaps completely new and carries a load of nerves and anxiety about the closing of a cycle of studies. For this reason, we bring you a selection of manuals and instructives prepared by universities that will explain everything you need to know about writing and presenting these academic papers. Also, they are free download !


This E-Book offers:

Explanation of the most important points of a thesis;

Answers to common doubts;

Recommendations and useful resources.



  1. Quick guide for the presentation of thesis and works of degree in digital format

Elaborated by the Library System of the National University of Colombia , this guide offers simple and clear guidelines to adapt the format of your work to the formal style accepted by this institution. .


  1. Degree presentation and delivery guide

This manual designed by ECCI University  aims to present all the requirements of a final grade work, both in its format and in its content. It ranges from how to bind the document to the regime of the cited bibliography.


  1. Guide for the presentation of thesis, degree work and research in Standards ICONTEC

Guide developed by the Luis Echavarría Villegas Cultural Center of the EAFIT University . This aims to instruct in everything related to the presentation of degree works, although its guidelines can be applied in all types of written works.


  1. From the idea to the support: 7 steps for a successful thesis

This is a document prepared by the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Human Resources of the University San Martin de Porres (Peru), aimed at those who are doing their thesis, especially in the area of business sciences. How to investigate, make a hypothesis and all the questions that the student may have are covered in this instruction ..


  1. Guide for the elaboration of the thesis of degree

The Engineering Institute of the Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico) prepared this manual with the aim of guiding its students in all aspects of the writing and presentation of their thesis. However, it contains general guidelines that may be useful for students of any institution.


  1. Guide for the elaboration and presentation of thesis or graduation work

Through this guide, the University of Azuay (Ecuador) aims to support students in their process of performing an academic degree, from the cover page to the annexes.


  1. Guidelines for the presentation of projects and thesis reports

The University San Ignacio del Loyola (Peru) presents all the necessary guidelines for the elaboration of a thesis, from its form to its content.


  1. Manual for the development of thesis and research papers

It is a guide written by the Universidad Politécnica Hispano Mexicana  with the objective of defining the criteria and guidelines to be followed when preparing a scholarly work.

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