25 best applications for students

25 best applications for students

The following applications cannot be missing on a college student’s phone or tablet

Do you live sticking to your smartphone? Take advantage of it! Here’s a selection of 25 applications that will make your life easier, organized according to the utility they present:

To take notes

  1. Squid

This application allows you to take notes by hand from your cell phone or tablet, using a digital pen or your finger. It is also very useful for completing forms and signing documents, rather than having to print them and then scan them. After taking notes, you can organize them in notebooks and even project them. Get this app for Android .

  1. Paper

Making sketches, drawings or taking notes is very simple with this free application, which offers a very similar experience to paper. However, if you want to take advantage of it better it is advisable to buy the pencil. Get it for 

  • Noteshelf
  • If you have an Ipad, this app lets you annotate, draw or sketch what you want in a practical, simple and intuitive. It is paid but very complete. Download it here .


    To learn and be informed

    1. Coursera 

    This educational platform allows you to take courses online and free is a wide variety of topics from the comfort of your phone or tablet. Download it for Android or iOS .

    1. Khan Academy 

    This well-known platform offers thousands of videos with tutorials on a wide variety of subjects and subjects. Get it for Android or iOS .

    1. Feedly

    This RSS application lets you save your favorite media, magazines and blogs to keep you constantly updated on the latest news and content of your interest. Get Feedly for Android or iOS .

    1. WolframAlpha

    This tool offers the possibility of searching for any type of information and instantly obtain accurate, reliable calculations, measurements, graphs and functions. Science students will be especially benefited by this app. Download WolframAlpha for iOS or Android .

    1. Audible

    Do you find it hard to find time to read? This application allows you to listen to audiobooks anytime, anywhere. Install this free app for iOS .


    To cite your sources

    1. EasyBib

    This is an excellent application to generate the bibliographic citations that you must include at the end of all academic work. You can enter the data by hand or even scan the bar code of the book to generate the appointment automatically, in the format you prefer. Find it for Android and  iOS .

    1. APA Style

    This free and Spanish app allows you to generate quotes from any type of font in APA format, the most popular in the academic field. Download it for your Android here.

    To control your finances

    1. My wallet

    This free application for Android gives you the possibility of using a colorful and friendly interface, manage your accounts, keep track of your expenses and control your budget. Download it here .

    1. Daily expenses

    Very well valued by users, this app gives you the ability to monitor the money that comes in and out of your pocket. Get it on this link .

    1. Fintonic

    For iOS users, this app lets you easily see the movements of your bank accounts, so that nothing escapes you. Get it here .

    To organize your time

    1. Todoist

    It allows to make lists of tasks, to personalize them and to share them with friends. Available for Android and iOS .

    1. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

    Problems sleeping? This tool analyzes your sleep cycles, and tells you how much you should sleep and when you should wake up to achieve optimal rest. Download it for Android or iOS.

    1. My Study Life

    If you need help planning your study schedules and maintaining a schedule of exams and to-dos, this app is for you. Available for Android or  iOS .

    1. Wunderlist

    Available for users of Android and iOS , this app is another easy and intuitive to record your activities, plan your schedule and make sure you forget nothing tool.


    To eliminate distractions

    1. Pomodoro

    It uses the Pomodoro technique , based on work without interruption at intervals of 25 minutes, to increase user productivity. There are several applications that offer this timer, here we leave an example for Android and one for iOS.

    1. Unplugged

    If you consider yourself addicted to your smartphone, this application keeps you at bay. You only have to allocate a certain period of time, and the app is responsible for blocking any notification that may distract you. Get it here for iOS.

    1. Forest

    This app seeks to motivate yourself not to enter social networks or any other application that distracts you from your work or study. It works like this: when you want to concentrate you must “plant a seed” in Forest. As time goes by, and you do not touch any game or social network, a little plant will grow. If not, this plant will wither. You will get one plant for every 30 minutes of concentration. Get Forest for Android .

    To share content

    1. Dropbox

    This popular platform allows you to upload, store and share all types of files. Download it for Android or iOS .

    1. Google Drive

    It allows you to create and share documents, forms, presentations, images and videos. You can also edit the files simultaneously. Available for Android or iOS .


    To learn languages

    1. Duolingo

    Through a playful approach, this popular application allows you to learn languages for free and entertaining. Available for Android and iOS.

    1. Babbel

    Like Duolingo, this app is great for learning languages from your smartphone, computer or tablet. Download it for Android or iOS.


    1. PCalc Lite

    In addition to basic operations, this calculator allows you to perform more advanced arithmetic operations in its free version, and even more complex if you pay the paid version. Download it here for your iPhone.

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