23 films recommended for psychology students

23 films recommended for psychology students

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As part of the Day of the Psychologist, which is celebrated on November 20 , we invite you to learn about a list of films recommended for psychology students


  1. Reign Over Me – Hope Lives

Charlie Fineman lost his family on September 11, 2001, giving up his job and locking himself in. After a reunion with an old friend, he begins to face his new life trying to accept reality.

It is an example of post-traumatic stress disorder that can affect a person when he experiences traumatic situations , such as an unexpected loss.

  1. Save The Last Dance – Passion and dance

Sara is a white girl who moves to Chicago where she attends a college whose students are mostly black, including her new boyfriend. Both share a passion for dance but different styles.

It is based on the love relationship of two adolescents of different ethnicities , continually facing social conflicts and the pressures of other people’s gaze.

  1. Marnie – Marnie, the thief

A kleptomaniac robs the companies that use it and changes of personality so as not to be discovered. An entrepreneur who knows the truth, takes an interest in his case and asks for marriage, threatening to denounce it if he does not accept it. In the course of the story, he learns that Marnie suffers from mental disorders due to traumas she lived in childhood.

Freudian theories are applied to investigate the psychological problem of the protagonist , which is reflected not only in kleptomania but in its sexual rejection towards any man.

  1. 28 days (28 days)

Gwen Cummings is addicted to alcohol and this condition drives her to steal a limo, with which she collides and ends up in jail. He is sent to a rehabilitation center to treat his problem and after a constant denial of the situation, he gets to bond with the rest of the patients and re-examine his life.

It studies the personal reactions in difficult moments and the behavior of a person who suffers addiction, subjected to a process of structural change in their daily life.

  1. A Beautiful Mind

It narrates the life of John Forbes Nash, winner of the Nobel prize de Economía in 1994 who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, which affects both his physique and the relation with other people. The story begins in his youth, when he receives a scholarship to study a postgraduate of mathematics at Princeton University and goes through different moments of his life until obtaining the prize.

The film clearly shows the symptoms of schizophrenia , how they affect the sick person and their environment. It also highlights the importance of social support to treat the disorder.

6. The Blind Side (A possible dream)

It is the true story of Afro-descendant Michael Ohe, who spent most of his childhood in homes because his mother is a drug addict. His fate changed when he was 17 years old when he was adopted by a family with a good financial position and enrolled in a school where, despite his poor academic reputation, he will be distinguished by his great physical size and his sporting qualities.

It is an approximation to the difficulties faced by people of different cultures when it comes to interacting with each other , in addition to the benefits that can be obtained when the understanding is reached.

  1. Driving Miss Daisy (The driver of Mrs. Daisy)

The 72-year-old Jewish widow, Daisy, is urged by her son to stop driving because of his age. However, the woman considers that it can be transported by its own means, situation that leads to a discussion and culminates in the search of a driver. They hire Hoke Colburn, an illiterate man who will build a friendly relationship with his employer in an environment where ethnicities and religions converge.

Throughout the film you can see the differences between ethnic groups, the prejudices built around them and the preconceptions that often develop towards the Jews.

  1. Little Miss Sunshine – Little Miss Sunshine

A seven-year-old girl qualifies for the final of a beauty contest and moves in a Volkswagen Combi along with her dysfunctional family to participate in the competition. The ages of family members, their interests, and the number of days traveling through the United States to reach the contest, show different situations that arise from such coexistence.

Study relationships in a family with disparate and particular members who are not accustomed to relate to each other, but come together to make the smallest member of the group happy.

  1. Enough (Never Again)

After her marriage to the dreamed man, Slim the waitress suffers from constant abuses and controls on the part of her husband. This situation leads her to escape repeatedly with her daughter with the help of friends. During her escape, Slim tries to learn how to defend herself from her husband to protect her daughter.

It shows a typical situation of conflictive relations governed by the abuse, the physical battle and the psychological abuse that accompany these cases.

  1. Good Will Hunting (In Search of Destiny)

Will Hunting is 20, a brilliant mind, a janitorial job and several comings and goings with law due to behavioral patterns for a troubled childhood during which he was abused. A psychology teacher will help you use your full potential and build an identity to modify your present.

It tells the difficulties faced by a therapist and the relationship established with his patient from a conflictive environment.

  1. The Hurricane

He relates the life of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, an African American boxer with high expectations of being the world champion in 1996, when imprisoned for a triple murder he did not commit. The release comes just twenty years later thanks to evidence gathered by a teenager to prove his innocence.

It analyzes the human capacity to overcome the contexts that are imposed to the will and the internal change that must occur in adverse situations.

  1. Ordinary People – People as One

A boat accident kills the eldest son of an American-type family, when everyone was on board. The youngest son is hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital after attempting suicide because of guilty feelings. When he returns home, he must face the distress of a distant and destroyed family.

Crystallize the positive aspects of therapy to heal family situations of misfortune , from a real perspective. The rupture of the family unit is the axis of the psychological analysis.

  1. Identity

It is a combination of suspense genres, horror and psychological thriller that tells how a group of strangers with different lifestyles undergo a series of events that culminate with his death. These facts arise in a deserted motel where they must take shelter because of a storm. At the same time, a psychiatrist tries to prove the innocence of a murder accused.

The peculiarity of this story is that it is about a background disorder that you must discover, linked with the strange events that happen.

  1. Memento

It tells the life of Leonard Shelby who has anterograde amnesia as a result of a brain injury that he suffered trying to avoid the murder of his wife. While looking for the killer, he faces the problem of his forgetfulness having to appeal to notes and tattoos.

It is interesting to see how a person with memory loss should manage to solve a mystery and continue with his life.

  1. Angry Men (12 men in contention)

It is about an 18-year-old Latin American who allegedly murdered his father and is tried in court by 12 people in charge of the young man’s destiny. A total of 11 jurors consider the accused guilty, but one of them believes that the arguments used against him are not sufficient.

It is a film that analyzes individual preconceptions , the behavior of people when they are subjected to evaluate people and how a judgment about someone can change the life of a person.

16. On Golden Pond – On the golden lagoon

An elderly couple tries to recover the destroyed relationship between their daughter and her father, who has trouble remembering at the beginning of his senility. The story unfolds in his summer home.

It explores family bonds, aging, death, forgiveness, growth and other inexorable aspects to the human being.

  1. Rain Man

The father of Charlie Babbit dies and leaves him in inheritance a car, granting the rest of his estate to an older brother who did not know and has autism. Charlie will try to have legal custody of his brother to get the legacy he believes he deserves.

It puts on the table the characteristics of the autistic people and the complications that face their legal guardians, as well as the transformation of Charlie in a person with high moral values arisen from the care of his brother.

  1. Regarding Henry – The Force of Truth

Henry is a successful lawyer who gets shot, affecting his memory so he must learn to speak, read and act like an infant. His progress shows how he realizes that in “his previous life” he was an unpleasant person and that in reality, his family seemed a happiness that did not live indoors.

It shows the significant impact that retrograde amnesia has on the person who suffers this damage and in their environment .

  1. What Dreams May Come – Beyond the Truth

A couple loses their two young children in a car accident, which causes an intense depression in the woman. Her husband must resort to various psychologists to help her overcome the traumatic event, subsequently suffering an accident and being in charge of Rabbi Albert Lewis to take her first steps in the sky.

It analyzes depression, the inability to overcome tragedies and changes in personality when devastating events occur.

  1. The Notebook – Diary of a Passion

Allie is a young woman from a wealthy family who meets a working class boy in the summer of 1940. The mother of the young woman forbids the relationship that continues in various ways until the end of their lives, even when World War II Appears on the scene with all its implications.

It shows how love relationships evolve and change over time , in addition to the consequences of Alzheimer’s .

  1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Someone flew over the cuckoo’s nest

Randle McMurphy avoids going to jail alleging madness, in order to pass his sentence more comfortably. In the rehabilitation center, it promotes a rebellion of patients against oppressive norms.

It is a particular insight into the psychiatric institutions of the 1960s that included electroshock in their treatments. At the same time, it covers the topics personality and moods.

  1. Sylvia

It tells the story of the American poet, Sylvia Plath, and his romance with the writer Ted Hughes

In the film are seen issues such as bipolar disorder, depression and emotional instability.


  1. Borderline

Canadian film in which its protagonist, Kiki Labrèche, is a problematic woman, raised by his grandfather and with the mother in a psychiatric, that uses in the drugs and the sex like way of escape.

The film allows to see well the limit personality disorder, also called borderline.


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