The 2 less popular but effective techniques for preparing for a test

The 2 less popular but effective techniques for preparing for a test

Prepare for the exams by applying these techniques of studies recommended by the education expert with Emphasis in Psycholinguistics,  Félix Antonio Gómez.


Get good grades by applying these two study techniques

The specialist in Educational Sciences with Emphasis on Psycholinguistics (titled in the University District), Felix Antonio Gómez , coordinator of Field Research and Development in Cognition, Learning and Education Javeriana University , an institution which also pursuing a Ph.D. Social and Human Sciences, revealed exclusively for our readers Universia Colombia two study techniques  less common, but effective, to effectively prepare for an exam.

Although less popular, these study  techniques optimize student readiness for an exam, according to the expert. Félix Antonio Gómez , coordinator of the Research and Development Field in Cognition, Learning and Education of the  Pontificia Universidad Javeriana :

  1. “As paradoxical as it may seem, at first, an excellent technique of study is to teach a third person what is being tried, because when I try to teach another, I soon realize what still In order to avoid the risk of teaching the wrong things, it is good to perform this exercise as a team, where everyone works at different times as teachers and trainees, and where all collaborate by contrasting the information , Formulating new questions and relating the known to what is so far understood.
  2. Managing
    “It is about managing the time and resources with which it is counted. It is not really a novel technique, but a set of strategies that are known not to be used. Not to leave for the last moment the preparation of a test, but these words often fall on deaf ears. If every day is dedicated a space of time to review and review what seen in class you can overcome many difficulties and learn in a more enjoyable “.


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