17 guides for the writing of scientific articles to download

17 guides for the writing of scientific articles to download

These guides published on the web will be useful when planning your next scientific publication

Publishing an article in a recognized scientific, academic or technological journal is the most effective way for a scientist to show the results of his work.


As reported by Arias, a high-level scientist in Colombia reports an average of 10 articles per year . In addition, according to the Scimago International Rankings , in this country 7,057 texts of this kind are generated per year, reason why Colombia occupies the fifth position in Latin America in countries with greater production of scientific articles .

If you want to know how an article is produced according to international standards, we share 17 free scientific writing manuals :


In English

  1. Harvard style guidelines
  2. Writing to Research Paper- University of Leicester Law School
  3. Guide to Writing Research Papers- Mount Saint Vincent University Library

In other languages:


  1. Scientific drafting manual- Department of Ecology, University of Alcalá
  2. Guide for writing scientific articles for publication- UNESCO
  3. Writing Manual for Social Scientists Writing Manual for Social Scientists- Howard Becker
  4. Introductory guide to scientific writing- Association for the Advancement of Psychological Science
  5. Scientific writing manual- Ana M. Contreras and Rodolfo J. Ochoa Jiménez
  6. Manual of scientific writing: to understand and produce written texts to investigate- Universidad Autónoma de Occidente
  7. Write and publish an original scientific article- Rafael Ferriols Lisart and Francisco Ferriols Lisart, from the Combino Pharm Laboratory
  8. Manual of writing of scientific articles- San Martín de Porres University
  9. Guide to make, write and publish research articles- José Luis Caivano, University of Buenos Aires
  10. Manual of writing of research papers- Eduardo R. Scarano
  11. Scientific drafting manual for the Veterinary Sciences- Guillermo Antúnez Sánchez
  12. Basic guide to publish articles in research journals- University of Celaya
  13. Manual of style for the writing of scientific and professional texts- X. Fuentes Arderiu, F. Antoja Ribó and MJ Castiñeiras
  14. How to cite the bibliography in the academic works- Polytechnic University of Valencia

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