11 tips to be indispensable in your work

11 tips to be indispensable in your work

Discover what are the qualities that make you a professional difficult to replace and become an essential piece for the company

If your work is really good and you excel at what you do, you probably necessary again , or at least difficult to replace. In addition, over time and thanks to your performance you will become a candidate for promotion. On this day we offer a number of tips to become a linchpin  for the company in which you work , as recommended by the company Michael Page (dedicated to the search for strategic candidates who meet the missions of the company) and Davida Kiger, founder of Worldwide Express (logistics company).

  1. Be reliable

Position yourself as the person your teammates turn to when they need something done right and fast. The efficiency and cooperation are even more important to be punctual at meetings. The trust means that you do not try to take clear advantage of your skills , but your supervisor know who are helping to develop genuinely and what projects.

  1. Proposes solutions

Solve everyday conflicts of the company helping your teammates deal with labor problems . For example, if something does not work, look for a way to fix it. Avoiding headaches to the team and mainly to your managers, is another way to add value to your performance.

  1. Become the expert who shares your knowledge

Monopolizing a particular skill is the foundation to be a useful source of information on your computer . It is imperative that you share this knowledge with the rest of your colleagues to add value to the performance of your entire department and improve the overall level of the company. You will be considered as a coach of other employees and therefore an important training tool.

  1. Learn about the customer

It gathers all available information about the type of customer that comes to your company. It will be useful to anticipate your needs or demands. Remember that success is achieved when all team members are able to satisfy the customer , so manage data on your profile will be positioned in a place of consultation by your peers.

  1. Pay attention to the details

Multifunctionality is a requirement of the current era, so the ability to resolve situations  with the least possible help is appreciated. Try not to make too many corrections on your work, only those that are relevant. To do this, you must pay attention to every minute detail in the development of your task.

  1. Avoid Distractions

To be excellent in your area, you should set aside activities that are not relevant. Immerse yourself in your work, get the latest trends in your field of knowledge and apply them. Discuss articles and books with your boss to show that you keep up to date in order to perfect your work and that of others.

  1. Offer to carry out important projects

Key projects allow you to venture into bigger businesses , so become a volunteer who drives corporate purposes. Focusing on the most important and timeless tasks instead of the simple and quick work to do, is a good way to guarantee your value in the signature.

  1. Leads corporate events

Be the figure that leads the events organized by your company. Offer to represent your company or department in a conference, business meeting or collaboration with the community (educational, social events). If you manage the event is socially associated with the name of the company , you’re welcome when you return to the office.

  1. Build relationships with your bosses

Constant exposure to the people who make the fundamental decisions of the company will lead you to the top of the list when it comes time for a job promotion. Take advantage of this approach to learning methods and skills of senior positions  to yours to apply to your own work in order to constantly improve it .

  1. Facilitate the work of your supervisor

If you collaborate with their work responsibilities removing from the good execution of your own work  you will have an ally when needed to reduce staff. Find an emptiness in the work of your manager that you can fill, but in turn, add value making it essential for the whole team.

  1. Do your best

An employee essential , in the end, is the one who gets involved with the company and is interested to meet corporate objectives . Impulse the rest of the employees to achieve an excellent product or service together, be effective in your work and mainly, behave like a good companion: you will not get an upgrade nor will you ensure your work is hindering the performance of others.



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