10 things that are more important than the talent to achieve professional success

10 things that are more important than the talent to achieve professional success

Academic training and personal talent are no guarantee of job success if they are not accompanied by good decisions Pay attention to these tips!

The level of success depends primarily on the choices we make . Even if you have different academic qualifications and an ability to implement, throughout your life you meet people with a higher level of education and talent , which does not imply that they are more successful than you. Career and talent influence but are not decisive, since we build them through actions that start from decisions. Knows what the are key to job success according to the Workopolis job portal and put them into practice.

  1. Sleeps a significant amount of hours

The night ‘s sleep is vital to pay the next day. Introduce yourself in your job with little sleep will diminish your ability to concentrate , affecting your performance. It will slow your actions and you will only accumulate work. The fatigue limits the energy, creativity and ability to make decisions.

  1. Be punctual

Arriving on time or even a few minutes before your due, will make a good impression among your bosses. Even if you have a flexible schedule, you are already at work. You have time to accommodate your belongings, acclimate to the work environment and perhaps even able to overtake tasks to be more relaxed the rest of the day.

  1. Plan

Being organized can never be negative. Before going to a meeting or conference work, make sure you know all the necessary information on the topics to be developed but also organizational data. Prepare beforehand the technological equipment that you will use and verify the route before leaving. You will have a great advantage over those who simply improvise .

  1. Proactive

Regardless of the task that you must perform that day, manifest your enthusiasm and ability to work on it  to the best of you . Even if you do not like the awarded activity, the effort is always good reviewed . You’ll feel as yourself for having put all your will at work and will be reflected in the results .

  1. Think positive

Accompany your work positive attitudes that show enthusiasm and passion for what you do. Attitude is not a fixed aspect of personality, it is a choice that can adjust to different contexts . Being optimistic will make the workday go faster and allow you to establish good relationships with your colleagues.

  1. Keep your body language friendly

For maximum law, your body says more about your mood to your mouth . Body language will leave in evidence before you become aware about it , so try to control it with positive thoughts that are projected in your movements. Looking directly into the eyes, smiling, nodding or sitting relaxed are friendly signals that your colleagues will immediately catch.

  1. Helping Others

Share your secrets to be successful will make you a happier person and will put you in a position of recovery among your peers . Collaborates with the team solving situations to improve their performance, and if possible, explain to them how solucionaste this technical problem so that they can apply it next time. Helping is possible but also satisfying.

  1. Learn continuously

The incorporation of new skills or knowledge  and keep up with technology trends, will perfect your job performance, but also accept the opinion of others but do not match their own. Learning from setbacks to prevent them from appearing again is another choice that depends on your interest in ensuring success.

  1. Work hard

Do not just follow your assignments to the letter. Take the opportunity to demonstrate your capacity for creativity, innovation and research to expand the possibilities offered to you initially. Striving more than required will gain a privileged position among your colleagues and bosses because your work will always go beyond.

  1. Work extra minutes

Avoid being the typical employee who retires 4:59. Stay in your place a few minutes but are not to be paid, will not influence significantly in your personal life but in the workplace. You will see that you take the job seriously and you try to do my best even if you must work extra . If you want labors on a computer meet the goals and you will not spend a few extra minutes to get it .


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