The 10 cross-cutting competencies most valued by employers

The 10 cross-cutting competencies most valued by employers

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Know what personal values and qualities are the most sought after in the labor market


Also known as “soft skills” , literal translation of “soft skills” in English, the transversal competences  are those that the person develops regardless of the professional category to which it is dedicated . Unlike technical skills, these skills are valuable and transferable in any industry, business or field of life.  

The UK government agency, National Career Service , prepared a list of 10 cross skills most valued by employers . We share them below:

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  1. Making decisions

Having the ability to make decisions in an agile, informed and sensible is also estimated for any job competition , as being indecisive or make decisions without considering the consequences can be very detrimental to the organization.


  1. Commitment

It ‘s no wonder that employers seek highly committed people work , since they do not usually require a lot of supervision to do their best and fulfill their tasks reliably.


  1. Interpersonal communication

Have good communication skills, both oral and written , it is a highly valued quality in all areas of work. It is a competence that facilitates the deal with colleagues, the resolution of conflicts, and giving and receiving instructions in a clear and precise. It is also an essential competence in providing and accepting constructive criticism.


  1. Flexibility

In a world of constant change, able to adapt to the circumstances and not afraid of new challenges is evidence of a flexible, able to leave your comfort zone and face the difficulties with a positive attitude personality.


  1. Time Management

It is about knowing how to give priority to the most important and urgent tasks, as well as delegating or spending less time to those who are not so much.


  1. Leadership

Although no dependents you have, know how to lead and motivate others to give the best of themselves is a quality much appreciated by employers.


  1. Creativity and problem solving

People who not only focus on the problem, but immediately try to find a solution in a logical and creative way, are valuable contributions to any organization, and will surely be outstanding.


  1. Teamwork

Knowing how to work in a team, in an open, transparent and constructive way, is an essential transversal competence to perform in almost any industry.


  1. Responsibility

Knowing recognize their own mistakes rather than look for faults in others, as well as have the ability to take pride when the work goes well, it is a sign that you are a responsible person , full and committed to your work.


  1. Working under pressure

Meeting deadlines, coping with crises, and facing change and problems at the last moment is part of an increasingly essential quality: knowing how to work in a demanding environment. It is not a bad idea to get some professional dissertation help to ease that burden.


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